7 Symptoms of Your Baby is Teething

7 Symptoms of Your Baby is Teething

7 key symptoms showing your baby is teething!

1. Frequent Biting

Your baby will turn into a little vampire. Yup he will just try to bite into anything that he sees. Just bite. . . . . . bite and more biting

2. Excessive drool

Newborn tends to droll a lot because they yet learn to swallow their saliva. Same situation will occur again when they start teething, because the body creates extra saliva to lubricate the tender and bulging gums.

3. Fussy at night

Toddlers will wake up more often in the middle of the night during teething process.Baby often feels the teething pain more because there are fewer distractions.

4. Changing in sleep patterns

Teething discomfort makes babies nap less and wake up earlier than usual in the morning.

5. Fever, Rashes, Cough, and Diarrhea

Some doctors may disagree on this but some parents detect slight fever during the teething process. Additionally, the extra drool can cause facial rashes, chafing, and coughing since it pools at back of throat.

6. Losing appetite

Babies will refuse to eat when they are in pain especially when it triggers on their sore spot. But have to feed them anyhow even-though they refuse to take in.

7. Pulling of ears and rubbing of chin and cheeks

Babies can be quite resourceful and administer self-massage. By pulling and rubbing around their jaw, they create counter pressure that eases some of the pain and throbbing.

If your baby is acting up lately because of teething process, worry not there’s a good reason behind it; sooner or later a nice set of pearl white teeth will appear.

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