Germs Are All Around Us: How Can We Stay “Save”?

Germs Are All Around Us: How Can We Stay “Save”?

We are all exposed to a huge variety of germs every day. In fact, if Google Glass eventually offers microscopic vision, we may walk around with gloves on and never eat in a restaurant again. Microbes are all around us, and the question is, “What do we have to worry about?”

First, let’s take a look at our homes. Did you know that there are at least several billion microorganisms keeping you company in your home? Most of them are harmless, but some could be potentially dangerous. Let’s look at a few locations.

Did you know you can sterilize a wet sponge by putting it in the microwave for two minutes? (Image: FOTOGRIN/Shutterstock)

We all suspect that the kitchen is one of the dirtiest places in the home. One surprise is that the kitchen floor, just in front of the sink, has more bacteria than the trash can. And yes, the sponges around the sink own a large burden of bacteria.

Well, what about our personal electronic devices? If you personally are the only one using your tablet, laptop, or cellphone, similar to your toothbrush, you’re likely OK, since the germs are your own. However, be careful where you place these devices. Studies have shown that 16 percent of cellphones have intestinal bacteria on them.


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