How should start switch to Straw Cup?

How should start switch to Straw Cup?

Most doctors recommend introducing a straw cup around the time is 6 months old.

Tips to try: Instead of cutting out milk bottles all at once, try dropping them from the feeding schedule over time.

For example, if your baby usually drinks three time each day, start by eliminating the morning bottle. Instead of giving a milk bottle right away, bring your baby to the table and after the feeding has started, offer milk from a straw cup. You might encourage your baby by saying something like “you’re a big boy now and can use a cup like mommy.”

As you try to stop the morning milk bottle, keep offering the afternoon and evening bottles for about a week. That way, if your child asks for the bottle you can say that one is coming later.

The next week, stop another bottle feeding and provide milk in a straw cup instead. Try to do this when your baby is sitting at the table in a high chair.

Generally, the last bottle to stop should be the night-time bottle. That bottle tends to be a part of the bedtime routine and is the one that most provides comfort to babies. Instead of the bottle, try offering a straw cup of milk with your child’s dinner and continue with the rest of your night-time tasks, like a bath, bedtime story, or teeth brushing.

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