[Assi] Soup Paste


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Assi Soup Paste (2 servings)

Seaweed Soup With Abalone 600G
Korean Loach Soup 600G
Korean Pureed Soy Bean Stew 600G
Korean Paste Soup 600G
Kimchi Soup 600G
Soft Tofu Soup 550G

* Simple cooking instruction:
– Microwave: Pour the soup in microwavable bowl and heat 3~4 minutes in microwave.
– Stove: Pour the soup in pot and heat 3~4 minutes or until starts boiling.

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Seaweed Soup with Abalone 600G, Korean Loach Soup 600G, Seaweed Soup With Perilla 600G, Korean Pureed Soybean Stew 600G, Kimch soup 600G (Assi Kimchi Jjigae), Soft Tofu Soup 600G(Assi Soondoboo Jjigae), Soybean Paste Soup 600G (Assi Doinjang Jjigae)

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