[ChunHo] Daily Energy Organic ABC Juice 70ml X 10 Packs


ChunHo Daily Energy Organic ABC Juice | Clean and easy to consume anywhere!

ABC = Apple / Beet / Carrot
Golden ration of juice
Various nutrients in 3 ingredients
100% Turkish raw materials
HACCP certification
No artificial additives
All 100% Organic
0% of flavorings, sweeteners, and preservatives

Apple – 6 kinds of vitamins, 9 kinds of minerals, 14 kinds of amino acids
Beet – Vitamin C, 6 types of vitamin b complex, unsaturated fatty acids
Carrot – Vitamin K, calcium, magnesium

Turkey’s climatic conditions and environment
– With more than 300 days of bright sunlight throughout the year, Turkey is one of the world’s most recognized origin for fruit and vegetable for its fertile soil and mediterranean climate, making it suitable for the production of fruits and vegetables.

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