[Dr.Ato] Derma Soothing Powder


Why sensitive baby skin needs special care ❓❓

Stimulation of folded areas such as babies’ neck, arms, and legs.
– easily becomes sweaty and wet due to folds of flesh.

Baby skin irritated by frequent friction
– newborn babies’ back skin irritated due to sweat because they spend so much time lying down.

Irritation caused by diapers.
– skin at the hips, which becomes sensitive and sore due to repeated irritation caused by diapers.

♥ Dr.ato’s soothing & protection solution for babies’ skin that becomes sensitive ♥

🍄 Cica x Panthenol > soothing care for sensitive skin
🍄 TALC Free > Corn Starch Powder
🍄 No Artificial Fragrance > Prescription that excludes unnecessary fragrance
🍄 Contains a patented ingredient > skin friendly moisturizing ingredient vernix caseosa
🍄 Hypoallergenic verified > Safe solution that does not irritate sensitive skin
🍄 Compact Powder > A portable compact with less powder flowing

Mild formula that can be used around babies’ lips, from newborns up
❌ No mineral oil or paraben
❌ No artificial fragrance
✔️ Skin irritation test completed

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