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Kaeggie Pillow

✰ Kaeggie is suitable for both kids and adults, made from the highest quality, breathable pure bamboo, super soft, full and fluffy.

✯ We believe that quality of sleep is very important towards various aspects of health.


M 25 x 35

L 30 x 45

XL 39 x 63

Thermo Control

♡ Millions of micro-gaps in the yarn make it highly breathable, helping you keep cooler in summer.

Incredible Soft

♡ Bamboo is finer and softer than cotton with a seamless and luxurious feel.


♡ Being hypoallergenic bamboo allows your skin to breathe and its anti static properties mean it won’t cling to skin.


♡ Bamboo is antifungal and antibacterial, keeping you fresh all day, every day.

Moisture Wicking

♡ Bamboo shoots water away from the skin keeping you dry and comfortable.

UV Protection

♡ Bamboo cuts out 97.5% of harmful UV rays so it’s great for outdoor pursuits and travel.

Odour Protection

♡ Due to its antibacterial properties, bamboo cloth is odour free. No Bacterial = No Smell!

Machine wash gentle cycle ( cold water )

☀ Do not bleach

☀ Do not tumble dry

☀ Hand wash

☀ Do not wring

☀ Do not dry clean

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Pillow – M, Pillow – L, Pillow – XL

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