[Rico] Baby Flushable Wet Wipes 20 Sheet


RICO Flushable Wet Wipes
✔ Passed test completed, it is decomposed by water pressure and microorganisms during sewage treatment, so throw it away.

Natural Fiber ♡
Soft Plain Fiber ♡

11 Levels ultrapure water purification system
– Make clean wipes with ultrapure water purification system

Contains fermented ceramide liquid
– Make your skin doesn’t get dry after using flushable wipes

Calendula oil from an organic farm certified by USDA
– Calendula oil which soothes the skin, does not irritate sensitive skin

Reliable ingredients from nature
– Contained 8 natural ingredients
– Aloe vera / Chamomile / Lavender / Tea Tree / Eucalyptus / Centella / Portulaca / Green Tea

Rico baby is only calendula oil grown on organic farms approved by the U.S department of agriculture is supplied and used as a raw material for the product.✫

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